Standing – an exercise you do without thinking

deskstandJust a short post this month…. did you know that you can dramatically burn more calories by simply not sitting down!

Just add standing to a calorie controlled diet to really have an influence on your weight!

You can do this quite easily. Working from a an appropriate height using a laptop is quite helpful… on top of a window sill, a filing cabinet or low cupboard all work if they fit your height.

For the more image conscious there are even specialised desk attachments that allow you to work standing up.

April 2021 - Easing Lockdown - We have now returned to Strood Sports Centre

With the easing of lockdown, Strood Sports Center is now open again and we are seeing all patients there from 6th April 2021 Please wait by the main front doors for the practitioner to collect you. You must wear a mask and maintain social distancing when inside the Sports Centre; Please contact our reception team to make appointments of get any other information on: 01634-717171 or