16th November 2011

Medical Hypnosis


Medical Hypnosis is a research based method developed at University College London’s psychology department – the only university based hypnosis unit in the UK.

Dévan trained under Professor David Oakley and Dr Valerie Walter and graduated with distinction in 2008. To date Dévan remains the only osteopath in the UK to be awarded the post-graduate certificate in Hypnosis applied to Medicine from UCL.

This approach uses evidence informed approaches to teach you how to interact with your subconscious mind to help you gain and insight and control a variety of symptoms that can be quite distressing to deal with including in some circumstances, perceived pain reduction and control.

Medical Hypnosis may also help you manage effects of anxiety and stress. These effects often manifests as a loss of confidence, frustration, withdrawal from social situations, panic and an overall sensation of being unable to cope with a variety of ‘normal’ situations. As part of the coping strategies for feelings of stress and anxiety, hypnosis helps improve your feelings of self-esteem and confidence.