27th September 2016

Research Publications

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  • Weber, V. and Rajendran, D. (2018) UK trained osteopaths’ relationship to evidence based practice – An analysis of influencing factors, International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, 29, pp. 15–25,
  • Bright, P., Rajendran, D., Bjørkli, T., Eldridge, S., Buchbinder, R., Evans, D. W., Amundsen, P. A., Froud, R. and Underwood, M. (2018) Inclusion and exclusion criteria used in non-specific low back pain trials: a review of randomised controlled trials published between 2006 and 2012, BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 19(1).
  • Figg-Latham, J. and Rajendran, D. (2017) Quiet dissent: The attitudes, beliefs and behaviours of UK osteopaths who reject low back pain guidance – A qualitative study, Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, 27, pp. 97–105.
  • Froud, R., Rajendran, D., Patel, S., Bright, P., Bjørkli, T., Eldridge, S., Underwood, M. (2016). The Power of Low Back Pain Trials: A Systematic Review of Power, Sample Size, and Reporting of Sample Size Calculations over Time, in Trials Published between 1980 and 2012. Spine. pp. E680–E686
  • Froud, R., Patel, S., Rajendran, D., Bright, P., Bjørkli, T., Buchbinder, R., Moja, L. (2016). A Systematic Review of Outcome Measures Use, Analytical Approaches, Reporting Methods, and Publication Volume by Year in Low Back Pain Trials Published between 1980 and 2012: Respice, adspice, et prospice. PLOS ONE, 11(10), e0164573. http://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0164573
  • Tamsyn R Webb, Dévan Rajendran: Myofascial techniques: What are their effects on joint range of motion and pain?–A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials,  Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies , Volume 20 , Issue 3 , 682 – 699 (July 2016)
  • Claire Hull, Dévan Rajendran, Arturo Fernandez Barnes: Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism in a Mountain Guide: Awareness, Diagnostic Challenges, and Management Considerations at Altitude: Wilderness & Environmental Medicine , Volume 27 , Issue 1 , 100 – 106 (March 2016)
  • Dévan Rajendran, Philip Bright, Brenda Mullinger, Rob Froud, Reporting patterns and predictors of common minor adverse events following osteopathic treatment: Lessons learned from a prospective, patient-administered questionnaire feasibility study in a UK teaching clinic, European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 634-644 (December 2015)
  • Robert Froud, Tom Bjørkli, Philip Bright, Dévan Rajendran, Rachelle Buchbinder, Martin Underwood, David Evans and Sandra Eldridge, The effect of journal impact factor, reporting conflicts, and reporting funding sources, on standardized effect sizes in back pain trials: a systematic review and meta-regression. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 16:370 (November 2015)

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Podium presentations:

  • Formthotics Conference, 2018, Moscow, Lower Limb Biomechanics – research based
  • Formthotics Conference, 2017, Moscow, Biomechanics and foot pain – research based
  • Institute of Osteopathy Conference, 2017, Hip Impingment – current research evidence for diagnosis and management
  • Queen Mary University of London, 2016, Sports Injury and Managment MSc Module, ‘Adverse events from manual therapy’ – research synthesis
  • Institute of Osteopathy Conference, 2015, ‘Anxiety and Stress, simple psychological techniques to assist patients’
  • ICROM, Ghent, Belgium,  24th October 2015; Inaugural Keynote address “Stargazing; are we astronomers or astrologists?”
  • ICOAR 10, Sao Paulo Brazil, November 2014: ‘Does muscle compliance predict low back pain? A small scale blinded electro-myotonometric study’
  • Institute of Osteopathy Conference, 2014, ‘Knees: Current approaches to diagnosis and conservative management’
  • ESO Research Event, 2011. ‘Pelvic bony landmarks: How reliably can we palpate these?’
  • Lausanne, Switzerland, 2010. ‘Osteopathic assessment of the shoulder, reliability and validity of our clinical tests’