31st October 2011

Practitioners: Information & Fees

Dévan Rajendran


Dévan (pronounced like Raven but with a D) is the practice’s principal. He qualified in 1986 and has been practising in Medway since that time.  Dévan’s practice profile is primarily acute musculo-skeletal pain syndromes; non-specific low back pain, disc related pains, mechanical neck pain and problems arising from falls, twists and sports injuries. He has also been trained to use several different psychological techniques to help patients who are suffering with chronic pain, including cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance commitment therapy and medical hypnosis.


He practices in the afternoon and evenings of Mondays and Tuesdays, and is also available on Friday mornings. The rest of his time is taken up with his involvement in osteopathic teaching, research and medico-legal work.


Osteopathy: An initial consultation cost of £50.00 Follow up treatments are £45.00; both last approximately half an hour.

Hypnosis: each session costs £80.00 and lasts approximately 1 hour


Ann Quinn



Ann graduated from the International college of Oriental Medicine in 1994 where she trained in classical Acupuncture including Stems & Branches, 5 Elements and TCM. She has 10 years experience of Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture which she also teaches.Ann is registered with the British Acupuncture Council and the General Dental Council along with being fully qualified in Cranio-sacral Therapy and Qi Gong Tuina massage.

Ann’s background is in the field of dentistry working as a clinical hygienist,Tutor and Dental Health Educator at University College Hospital and the Royal London Hospital as well as in specialist Private Practice. With over 35 years experience in the health field, Ann utilities all of her skills and experience to optimise treatment for each individual.


Ann is available alternate Thursdays from 9.40 to 2.40


  • Acupuncture treatment fees are: £55.00 for a session lasting 40 minutes
  • Facial revitalisation fees: £120 for a 2 hour session


Ivana Gurecka

Massage Therapist


Ivana has been providing massage therapy professionally since 2010 following the completion of her training in 2009.  Her training focused on sports massage which and was under the tutelage of the head massage therapist of the Czech Olympic Team.  In the years following, she increased her knowledge of massage therapy treatment, adding Hot Stone, Cup Massage, Deep Tissue techniques and most recently Reflexology to her repertoire.

In 2014 she also received special training in Diagnostics which has allowed her to provide recommendations to clients on aftercare procedures.  Ivana applies all her treatments as part of a comprehensive complementary therapy programme, which helps treat minor sports injuries as well as help alleviate pain suffered by people with long-term health conditions and reduce stress.


Ivana is available Monday afternoons


  • Depending on type of massage


Lance Bird

Medical Ultrasonographer


Lance started his professional career as a radiographer and then took a second degree in Biology for research opportunities. He was a Clinical researcher at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, where he went on to obtain his higher degree in Orthopaedics. Lance has been a senior academic for more than 20 years. He has held senior posts in a variety of educational institutes; Canterbury Christ Church University, University of Kent at Canterbury and currently runs the Medical Imaging and a Reporting Course at the European School of Osteopathy. Lance also runs musculos-keletal clinics in his capacity as a Consultant Imaging Specialist (Sonologist) in a variety of clinics across Kent.


Alternate Thursdays strictly by prior appointment only


  • Ultrasound scan and detailed report for one area £99.00
  • Ultrasound scan, detailed report and copies of images £120.00


Carrie Anne Smith

Sports Massage Therapist


Carrie-Anne has been practising for over 6 years and have been interested in complementary therapies for years now.  She is ITEC qualified in Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage and Holistic Massage.  Carrie-Anne aims to help people with aches, pains, dysfunction and injury. She also offers home visits to manage conditions at home where necessary.  Her aim is to help people have a comfortable life and limit pain within their day to day lives. Rehabilitation massage is key after an injury to help with the healing process, and maintenance massage helps to keep you feeling relaxed, supple and flexible once you have successfully rehabilitated.In addition to her practice, Carrie-Anne is also involved in teaching various massage therapies and had has taught in various colleges. She is currently teaching in a private massage college in London, where she also teaches anatomy, physiology in addition to the practical massage subjects.


Variable – please ring for information


£45.00 per treatment session (1 hour)



Cancellation Policy:

Please note that out of fairness to our practitioners and other patients we do require  24 hours notice of any appointment cancellations.

If appointments are not attended or cancelled under 24 hours, a late cancellation or no show fee will be payable as these appointments could be reallocated to patients who need to be seen urgently.